This is my GITA 2 project page, using the skills I learned in GITA 1 I made these HTML versions of all those programs

Visual Studio Code Download:
1. Got to
2. download and run setup file

Russian Media Trolls

Date: 9/5/18

This page was meant to inform the reader
of the many methods that online trolls use
misinformation and other methods of subterfuge.

Tech Page

Date: 9/7/18

This page presents the pros and cons of
nanites and their uses in society.

Tech Page Rollovers

Date: 9/19/18

this is exactly the same as the
aformentioned page but with image rollovers

Business Card

Date: 9/20/18

A buisness card with contact information


Date: 9/27/18

A collage of things that I am into

Pet Store

Date: 10/4/18

A program that allows you to calculate
how much your animals food would cost

Recipe Page

Date: 10/17/18

This page teaches you step by step how
to make albondigas soup

Pet Store with Radio Buttons

Date: 10/19/18

A program that allows you to calculate
how much your animals food would cost
while also allowing you to add discounts


Date: 10/31/18

a program that uses a random number generator
to roll two dice and then give you the results

Circle Bounce

Date: 11/29/18

a program that utilies movement code to bounce
two tennis balls around your screen and when the
two balls touch they bounce off each other

Space Invader 1

Date: 12/6/18

This program has an alien invader that moves back
forth across the screen and then resets

Space Invader AI

Date: 12/13/18

This program generates two objects the player and
the enemy. the enemy follows the player and the
player is able to move with WASD and fire a bullet
with F